For many years I have been dreaming of a house. And sometimes it was divided, And sometimes it was whole. And when it was divided there were two houses side-by-side, The House of the Christians And the House of the Jews And a voice explained that this was about “Bringing the two dogs together.” Which is to say, The two dogmas. For many years I have been dreaming of a house, But I would not let the Muslims in. Then one night I heard a voice in a dream command: “Widen the Gate” And I saw a room, And in the room there were Christians and there were Jews, And there were the followers of Allah sitting side-by-side. For many years I have been dreaming of a house But God wants more from us than sleep No matter how filled with beauty and wisdom No matter how filled with spiritual light For every dream there is a purpose And a reckoning And a season Occasionally when I'm dreaming A voice in my head predicts the future… “Some day all colors, peoples, races and religions will merge together. For no matter how immutable or permanent a thing appears, everything is but a stage in the never-ending process of change. And one day, when the stage of oneness and unity has been established, it will be followed by a stage of breaking apart, because unity is also a stage. Who knows from where the seeds of that breaking apart will come…The stars perhaps?” Some may think me a betrayer of my people for speaking thus But my dream is not of a world without diversity It is of a world where diversity exists in the context of a larger whole Like the bee hives in the wooden shack Look around and you will see that the world of which I speak and dream is already manifesting I myself am a Jewish-Pagan-Suffi -Taoist who cultivates a strong relationship with Jesus To embrace the one is not to reject the many It is to recognize a deeper level.
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