Some may think me a betrayer of my people for speaking thus, But I care not what others think I heed the “still, small voice” of the dream And the voice instructs: "It's the polylution that's what it is" Some may think me a betrayer of my people But I have ears only for the word: "This is the 9th generation, The generation of the last, The generation that comes just before the 10th, Just before the beginning of a whole/new world..." In my dreams God poses a riddle (The Word is often shrouded thus): "There is a point where all the rivers are the same.” And I think to myself: Find that point And make it the corner And build upon it. In my dreams God calls out a question: "So many people Herds and herds of people But where is the human race?" In my dreams God issues a challenge: "All gods are one god All loves are one love But when will you begin to walk among the tragic?" In my dreams God whispers me a whisper Sighs me a sigh Shouts me a shout And the shout is "People don't tell me what religion I am!" In my dreams God entrusts me with a secret: "In heaven they are all combined." In my dreams God paints me a picture A picture of a circle in which everyone belongs As it is written “And I will gather the remnant of my flock out of all countries whither I have driven them…” In my dreams God quotes me a saying: “You don’t have to leave your house to join the House of We.”
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