( DARKNESS AND LIGHT) Word of the Dream "Some day all religions, all peoples, races and colors will merge together. For no matter how immutable or permanent a thing appears, everything is but a stage in the never-ending process of change. And one day, when the stage of oneness and unity has been established, it will be followed by a stage of breaking apart, because unity is also a stage. Who knows from where the seeds of that breaking apart will come. The stars perhaps?" As the voice of the dream instructs: unity is also “a stage” and one day, after “oneness and unity has been established,” change will come again in a form contrary to the form it comes in now, accompanied by the inevitable anxiety and resistance change of any kind evokes. To those who ask, “Where are you? You who welcome and believe in change. You who seek the House of We,” I can only reply: We are everywhere and yet nowhere we can be counted. We who are of the House of We are the ones who long ago drifted away from traditional institutions and for this reason are invisible even to each other. Invisible but growing. You may find us in the “half-way houses” of the interfaith community, in congregations which cater to the intermarried and their children. We are those who doven in the morning and meditate in the afternoon, who practice Yoga and study Kabbalah. We are the ones who see the beauty in all the flowers of Eden: In Moses and Jesus and Mohammad: in Buddha, Lao Tzu and Ramakrishna. If we happen to marry out of our faith it is not necessarily because we are running away from who we are, but because we yearn to expand by uniting with a soul and a culture different from our own. We are also those who, while faithfully continuing our participation in the life of the “old house,” secretly yearn for something new to evolve either a replacement or a companion. We see no contradiction and no betrayal in feeling a connection to more than one path. We identify ourselves with compound labels like “Bu-Ju” and Suffi-Pagan. We are the ones who never go to church, temple or mosque but believe with all our hearts in something mysterious and transcendent, in something beyond. We are the children of mixed marriages who were brought up as “nothing.” We belong nowhere and everywhere. We are the future of God’s House. We are the House of We. Those who are of the old house continue to dominate because they are part of long established institutions, institutions which are prominent, conspicuous and visible while we who are of the House of We remain, at least for the moment, homeless and hidden like ghosts and beggars looking for shelter in the night. They are organized and we are floating. They are defined often to the point of rigid, dogmatic absolutism while we are actively searching for definition. They live in houses which are falling into ruin or which they seek to rebuild as fortresses they can defend against fate. We live at no fixed address ... but that is only for now.
Two of Eight