THE WAY OF GRAY Word of the Dream: "Something more than good, something more than evil, something more than two tones, a third tone." In addition to the absolute and relative perspective on moral values, there is a third category, that of necessary evil. In a situation where the lesser of evils is the best possible choice, the evil component by no means ceases to exist. It is mostly redeemed however by the fact that it has been made to serve the good. A necessary evil is only justified when the good accomplished is greater than the evil perpetrated in order to achieve it. Word of the Dream: "It's not a sin to break little laws in order to follow big laws - in fact, it's a mitzvah." Word of the Dream: "Sometimes what seems wrong can actually be right and what seems right can actually be wrong – at least there's the possibility of that." Such views are in accord with the spirit of Jewish tradition, the mother religion of the Abrahamic Tree which affirms that all other commandments may be overridden for the sake of "Pikuach Nefesh," the mitzvah of preserving life. Absolute values, including the preservation of life or the wholeness thereof, require absolute commitment. I dream a dream about a man called "The Love-Wolf." This is a person who, when angry at evil takes on the strength and appearance of evil. In the dream, the Love-Wolf goes out at night to murder Nazis. ~ END ~