“THE MYTH OF PRIORITYSHIP” I dream a dream in which I find myself speaking to a group of people about the need for spiritual unity. They are quite skeptical at first, and quote to me the scriptural warnings against false prophets. A man shouts: “You look like Judas!” While in the beginning of the dream the people spread themselves out as if wanting to keep their distance, as I continue expressing my ideas they gradually move closer, until we are all sitting on the floor in a cozy circle. I notice that there are people in the circle of every race, every color, every ethnic group and religion. “How beautiful is the diversity of Man” I think to myself, “How good it is that I am able to appreciate that beauty, without the cloud of prejudice distorting my vision.” I speak in the dream of something I call “The Myth of Priorityship,”… how Man wants to believe in this, in the idea that one people may come before another... “I like you” says the Hindu, “But we know best, or “We Jews know everything” or “I’m sorry but if you’re not a Catholic we must burn you at the stake.” Then all of a sudden, an Asian looking man who I think of as Chinese makes the following remark:   “Adam held an apple and Man danced, then God held a Baptist speech.” I What does this mean?   “Adam” Or the first man By opening his hand to the sweetness of the “Forbidden Fruit” By opening himself to the earthly desire aroused by “Eve” Took the first step With his feminine counterpart In the eternal dance of procreation The dance through which all the peoples of the world came into being   Then And only then Did God hold a "Baptist Speech" After the dance had already begun After the children of the dance were already flowing out into the world Into the four corners of the Earth Already developing into the four primary races of Man   “Then” And only then Did God make for the peoples their own name Did God see fit to “baptize” the children   As the Bible says... “And a river went out of Eden to water the garden And from thence it was parted into four heads”   So the riddle of the dream suggests That while in the garden While in the dwelling place wherever it was Of the first human beings The four races were but one race “Of one language and of one speech” Which then “parted” and evolved into four  
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