In the beginning The river of life which flowed from the root of the “Tree of Life” The "Tree of All Seeds" The "Yggdrasil" Was but one river One spirit One soul   We are all ultimately children of the same father The same mother The same Adam The same Eve   Though Like the four rivers of Paradise: Water Milk Honey And Wine Upon leaving the womb of Africa The matrix of the primordial human The peoples of the world gradually developed their own ways Their own beauty Their own song It must be said That they all have their root in the eating of an “apple” in a “garden” somewhere long ago Where the first man and the first woman danced the first dance of love Where the source Male and female Of all the nations First ate of the “forbidden fruit”   “Adam held an apple and Man danced Then...” Then and only then After the dance had already begun After the children of the dance were already flowing out into the world Did God make a name for each of the peoples Did God make for each a name   We were not created different We became different in the course of time   Word of the dream: “There is a point where all the rivers are the same”
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