II Why do we tell ourselves the tall tale? Think we have the inside track? Why are we so stingy with salvation? Why do we need to be God's favorite? The next stage in the development of religion Is the letting go of the false light The ignis fatuus The "foolish fire" The myth of priorityship: Chosen People Son of God Greatest Prophet True Faith   Foolish fire Foolish fire All of these be foolish fire   What was in the beginning: One Adam One Eve One River One Tree Shall be in the end: One House One True Faith One God One Love   And this will be the answer to those who would divide us To those who trumpet hatred To those who call for "trust" Who prophesy greatness Yet sow the seeds of ruin Who promise peaceful shepherd And threaten glowing sand   After pouring out from the root of the tree After dividing into separate realms After dancing forth each archetypal lineage What was one shall become one The four heads shall return to the garden For this is the cycle in all things: Abraham forged one God out of many Moses forged a single nation out of twelve tribes In the spirit of the prophets let us build the House of We Community House World Tikkun Universal Mishpachah This is the message of the dream: Gather the tribes in a holy circle Gather the tribes and call my name End