Dream Sayings The House of We
"You may call it Community House" ~ "Common Country" ~ "The Compact Church" ~ "One God, one Man, many costumes" ~ "It's the polylution - that's where it is." ~ "Unity is more important than eternity." ~ "They have just about exhausted their existence." ~ "All men are equal, all men are the same, all men have the right to live." ~ "You cannot save humanity until you save humanity as a whole." ~ "You don't have to leave your house to join the House of We." ~ "It's about time you got this party formed." "All loves are one love, all Gods are one God." ~ "Trinity makes a temple that's awful nice." ~ "... crown the American people with their greatest attainment yet ..." ~ "It's of the neshamah, the blue level, to go against your house for the sake of the house of we." ~ "I'm looking for examples of what I would call a higher compassion that excludes no one. I've seen examples of it here in the temple, but haven't copied any down."
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