"This is the 9th generation, the generation of the last, the generation that comes just before the 10th, just before the beginning of a whole/new world..." ~ "It is natural of course when like things combine: species with species, religion with religion, race with race. But I believe that things which are different may combine in a way that is also natural. A new kind of natural. Yes. There can be in life what one might call a ‘natural hybridness.'" ~ "Some day all religions, all peoples, races and colors will merge together. For no matter how immutable or permanent a thing appears, everything is but a stage in the never-ending process of change. And one day, when the stage of oneness and unity has been established, it will be followed by a stage of breaking apart, because unity is also a stage. Who knows from where the seeds of that breaking apart will come. The stars perhaps?" ~ A Native American asks me where the "Ch" sound (as in L'Chaim) I make when I sing comes from... The Dreamer "I've heard it in Middle Eastern, Asian and some forms of Latin music because when you get down to that level from which folk and ethnic music comes, we're all pretty much the same." Native American "It's one country. The same country." The Dreamer "Same Planet." ~ "There is a point where all the rivers are the same." ~ "I look about me and I see all the human chocolate anyone could ever want. Eat and be All." ~ "Hershey's is the basic core of all religion." ~ “People are always more comfortable with those who are like them but that doesn’t mean they aren’t fascinated by or curious about those who are different. Nevertheless they are more comfortable with those who are the same and never feel safe unless they are dominant.” ~ "In heaven they are all combined." Excerpted from a book of dream sayings to be published in 2020