ON THE GIFTS OF THE WORLD Word of the Dream: I. "We have to put the 2 opposites together - We have to find the core in each that is the same, the spiritual essence of the sexual, and the sexual essence of the spiritual." II. "What is the same is the experience of union." THE THINGS OF THE WORLD The anti-body church says, “... The unmarried man gives his mind to the things of the Lord, how he may give pleasure to the Lord, but the married man gives his mind to the things of the world, how he may give pleasure to his wife... the virgin gives her mind to the things of the Lord, so that she may be holy in body and spirit, but the married woman takes thought for the things of the world, how she may give pleasure to her husband.” Paul Corinthians We who are of the House of we want to ask: “What are the things of the Lord?” Are they not the things of the body and the soul as well as the things of the spirit?” We who are of the House of We reject the notion that the things of the world, such as marriage, family and sex, things which flow from the feminine creative principle embodied in the Goddess, are not divine things. Word of the Dream: "It's just that I think of it (the ayin-core, seat of instinct and animality) as a part of the soul from an equally divine place." We reject as well the sexism in the underlying metaphysical premise upon which this notion is based, the mainstream Western religious view that God is "Lord" and not "Lord and Lady" as the Wiccans and the Hindus and the Kabbalists believe, spirit and not flesh, consciousness and not instinct, high and not low, heaven and not earth, Hochmah and not Binah. "The things of the Lord" can be concrete, material things, things of the soul or the body, as well as things of the spirit or the mind. It is just as valid to connect to God through children, marriage, nature and sex, as it is to connect through the abstract means of meditation, prayer, study and mystical dreams or the like, and when we serve these things of the soul or the body in the way they are meant to be served, with sensitivity and respect, we serve the divine because as the voice of the dream instructs, "She is also in the things She creates." We affirm that the person who loves God is a person who loves life, that as long as our interest and experience includes a balance of earthly and spiritual rewards and does not become a monopoly of one or the other, there is no contradiction between loving the things of the world and loving its Creator. God is in the husband and the wife. God is in the marriage and the child that comes from the marriage. God is in the body and in the pleasure which the body, God’s gift to us can provide. God is in the plants and the animals we feed upon, which we may take as companion or as friend. We affirm that God made the physical world with the intention that we should enjoy it, that our ability to offer and receive sensual including but not limited to sexual pleasure is a gift which, if sensitively exercised may deepen our connection to one another and thereby increase the level of harmony throughout creation. We affirm that by instilling in us the appetite for physical things, God sought to insure not only the survival of the species, but the experience of genuine delight without which the purpose and meaning of survival becomes all the more difficult to ascertain. God has invited us to partake of a feast in which there are many different kinds of food. Who among us would send our plate back to the kitchen and risk insulting the Chef? Yet this is exactly what some in the orthodox and fundamentalist community do. Because they have a limited and narrow idea of what “good food” is, they insult the Master Chef. Word of the Dream: “Nature is the book of God’s Wisdom, but there is a way of walking that is against nature.” The anti-body church walks against nature.
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