THE ANTI-BODY CHURCH It has been said: “... those who pursue the desires of the flesh ... will have no part in the kingdom of God.” If this writing by the father of the anti-body church were referring solely to those who engage in sexual activity without concern for the emotional and spiritual well-being of their partner, in a casual manner that pays no heed to the humanity of the individual, then we who are of the House of We agree that such people are separating themselves from God. Body and soul are deeply connected: you cannot act with or upon the one without acting with or upon the other. Word of the Dream: “It must never be spoken of or dealt with casually - that is sinful.” But as the following statement makes clear, the puritan ethic of the orthodox and the fundamentalist church goes a good deal farther: “... the body is not for the desires of the flesh, but for the Lord; and the Lord for the body…” The message is plain, a false dichotomy has been erected wherein the life of the body, including the sexual life, and connecting with or serving it’s Creator are mutually exclusive. But if the "body" were "not for desire," why else would God have designed it as an instrument through which desire can be known? As an instrument which, when used as it was designed to be used, plays an essential part in what is perhaps the greatest human joy, to wit the experience of total union with a person you love. Doesn't God want us to be happy? Contrary to Paul's assertion, we who are the House of We proclaim that the body is most certainly for desire. The body is for thinking, for feeling, for working, for playing, for eating, for fighting and for loving because that is the way God through Nature has formed it. Again: flesh, spirit and soul are intertwined. In touching the one we touch the other. It is the quality of the touch we should be concerned with, not the issue of whether touching in and of itself is good. To the anti-body church, the anti-body temple and the anti-body mosque we say what I found myself saying in a dream: “I won’t worship in a place where men and women are separated. A man in ancient times might be distracted by the pretty girl next to him, and not focus on God. But maybe God is in the pretty girl...” Sexual-romantic love is indeed a way of serving the designs of our Creator, who has formed in us the capacity to attract and feel attracted by others of our species, who has formed in us emotions and instincts which support the existence and evolution of life, who has formed in us the capacity to take pleasure in the physical as well as the spiritual aspect of creation. We who are of the House of We affirm that our delight in the world of the senses fulfills the intent of the Master Plan. Word of the Dream: “...that love and wholeness are aids to praising God.” When we love we praise God. When we are whole we praise God and when we love in a way that is whole, with our heart, our mind and our body, we praise God. The anti-body church declares: "Food is for the stomach and the stomach for food, and God will put an end to them together ..." But we who are of the House of We ask, “How can basic animal hunger, instinct and that which satisfies instinct constitute an affront to the divine?” How can they be hateful to the Lord and the Lady when the Lord and the Lady, Shakti and Shiva, Binah and Hochmah created them as a mirror of their own instinct, their own hunger, their own animal side? Indeed, because humanity was created in the image of God, every part of humanity reflects an aspect of divine being and is therefore sacred. Mainstream religion, especially in the Orthodox vein demonizes the natural world, seeing it as an enemy of the spirit rather than as a potential ally which, if properly channeled can help us achieve our spiritual goals.
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