Word of the Dream: "Nature is cosmic - His idea is law." ... and the law of nature is, for the most part heterosexual. Room must be made however for morally legitimate exceptions. Room must be made for different kinds of music, different kinds of sex, different kinds of everything. Word of the Dream: "How many boys did He create a girl? How many girls did He create a boy?" For some, the homosexual instinct appears to be the dominant sexual instinct with which they are born. With which God created them. Nature is inconsistent. It is a whimsical enterprise filled with experimentation, idiosyncrasy and a penchant for nonconformance. Homosexuality is a variation on the natural which has roots in the biological ambiguity of the human species. Furthermore, we expand upon and disregard the natural all the time, for one reason or another. Often the most natural instinct is not the moral instinct. Often the most natural instinct is not the convenient or practical or appropriate instinct. Often the instincts we have are in competition with each other and we have to choose between them. But simply to say that because a thing is not natural (and we are not including the true homosexual in this), it is therefore bad, goes against the reality of life. But with regard to the other type of homosexual, for them it may be a means of preparing for a heterosexual relationship they are at the present time ill-equipped to pursue. If that is the case, seeking to suppress the homosexual lifestyle through cultural conditioning or political legislation is a short-sighted and self-defeating exercise, since for “homosexuals” who are really repressed or conflicted heterosexuals, the homosexual relationship is actually a way of practising to be “straight.” Word of the Dream: "They send those who can't mate with the opposite sex very well, to those more of their own sex ... ‘We really wanted to be with a woman' they say, ‘but they sent us to each other because we weren't ready.'" When is homosexuality a sin? Not when it is a way for human beings to give each other pleasure. This is a mitzvah. This is a blessing. Not when it is a way for human beings to form a positive emotional connection. This is also a mitzvah. This is also a blessing. Homosexuality is a sin when heterosexuality is a sin. When it is reduced to a completely selfish act in which there is no regard for the well-being or fulfillment of the other. When it is one human being using another human being as if they did not have a soul. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We who are the House of We affirm the following revelation: "Religion needs a new rule, and that's the rule that has to do with love. The absolute right of people to have sex with each other is the right to propagate the species, but there is also a conditional right, a right based upon the desire to have sexual love as the basis of the relationship."