The second invisible factor at work in this period of schism and breach, in this Dread Season of the Dark Shepherd and the Benighted Sheep…is the metaphysical. Indeed, the metaphysical and the psychological often mix together in hidden, sometimes insidious mutually reinforcing ways. Word of the Dream “Because you do not see the Hand that moves the wind that makes the storm, you do not believe the Hand is there, you do not believe there is a Hand.” The shifting tides of reactionary hatred, the threatening winds of reactionary furor, the tumbling boulders of reactionary fear, all of these are intensified by the force of the invisible Hand that influences us all. Word of the Dream “Chesed is the part of God that's mercy and compassion. You join together the Chesed of God and the Chesed of Man and it becomes one.” The opposite is also true... Word of the Dream “Again and again people attribute the dark things that happen in the world to historical motivation, to political or socio-economic causes, to the impact of psychological disease. Again and again they persist in denying the reality of the soul, of God, of the metaphysical plane, of the evil forces which dwell in each.”