His face is their face Their face is his face It’s all one face Do you not recognize the face of evil? If you think there’s a line they will not cross If you think there’s a “norm” they will not violate If you think there’s a depth to which they will not sink If you think there’s an outrage they will not commit Our cherished countrymen and women Our decent, flag-waving neighbors Because as Americans they are after all Born and bred to freedom Because this is after all a “Christian nation” Then you haven’t been paying attention Then you haven’t been listening, looking, reading Then you need to wake up and smell the teargas Then you need to wake up And taste the blood on the sidewalks of the raging city Then you need to wake up To the hammering blow of the flash bomb To the screams of protesters To the cry of a man calling for his mother While agents of the state crush his throat Then you need to look again at the face Daniel David Joseph