Beautiful Insect
Word of the Dream "Humanism and Fundamentalism= The arms and the legs of the Devil."
I dream a dream in which I discover a very small, androgynous-looking person about the size of a large cat, stuffed inside a little box. When I peer down into the box at them, I see that they are also looking up at me. The tortured, panicky expression on their face, indicates that being forced into the little box, arms and legs unnaturally twisted as if they were some sort of ragdoll, makes the person feel suffocated and trapped. Moved by their predicament, I demand that whomever is in charge set the prisoner free. At this point, the very small person expands into something attractive and repulsive at the same time, something I can only describe as a beautiful insect. I must admit that in the beginning I find the crossbreed, multi- legged creature a little creepy. Nevertheless I try very hard to control my fear and not withdraw. In fact, the beautiful insect and I end up dancing together in a place where many people are gathered. In the last part of the dream, my sister suggests that I explain how the reductionist attitudes of the fundamentalists and the humanists affect me personally… how they make me feel as if I were being squished inside a little box... In a later dream, the beautiful insect is called “The First Insect.”
Daniel David Joseph